Affinity Launches New Applied Futures Site

Affinity Systems recently completed and launched a new site for Applied Futures Inc, a Virgina based  Department of Defense Consulting Firm .

About Applied Futures

Applied Futures Ltd. was founded in 1988 as the result of a management buy-out from a larger consultancy company in the UK. We worked in the UK and Europe, mostly for commercial clients, until 1992. At that time, Christine MacNulty, the CEO, was asked to speak at a conference on Strategic Planning at the National War College in Washington DC., where she presented both her approach to strategic planning, and the social models Applied Futures Ltd. had developed to understand the changes that were taking place in societies in the Western World. Following that conference, Applied Futures was asked to undertake consultancy for the Department of Defense here in the US. In 1992, we incorporated Applied Futures, Inc. in Virginia, in order better to serve our DOD clients, and in 1993, we moved the company here permanently.