Affinity Release: Sugarhouse

Track List

Air Ways – 7:40
Light in the Sky – 5:13
Easy Balance – 6:08
Boxed In – 7:02
Coins in the Air – 5:25
More to Come – 4:41
Fire Side – 4:44

Michael Morera – Saxes
Mohammed Nazam – Guitars
Craig Pallett – Trumpets, Keyboards, Drum & Bass Programming, Compositions, Engineered, Mix and Master.
Andy West – Bass (‘Boxed In’ only)


Affinity Release: Buddha – Craig Pallett

December 6th 2020

New Album Buddha released.

Buddha – Craig Pallett

Meditations and reflections on images from ‘Celestial Gallery’ by Romio Shrestha.

Cosmic Fire: Vision of Rahula 5:25


Chakras: Vortices of Energy 8:13

Cosmos of Healing 4:50

Amitayus: Buddha of Boundless Life 4:51

Healing Buddha 10:23

Chakrasamvara: Wheel of Bliss 3:36

Paradise of the Medicine Buddha 7:02

Wheel of Deluded Existence 5:43

All music composed, performed and recorded by Craig Pallett.

Starting on August 28th 2020 for 14 days, I composed and recorded 14 works based on the images found in the book, ‘Celestial Gallery’ by Romio Shrestha. Eight of those works are in this release.


Affinity Release: Walt Whitman Songbook – Album

August 6th 2020
Released new Walt Whitman Songbook.

The Earth’s Words (feat. Tiffany Pfeiffer)
Amelioration (feat. Philip W. Riegle)
Never Fail (feat. Kei Slaughter)
Three Hundred and Sixty–Five (feat. Stephanie Meyers)
Whoever You Are! (feat. Dawn Clement)
I Swear (feat. Mario Inchausti)
Tones of Souls (feat. Jo-Hannah Reynolds)
Laws for Creations (feat. Marjorie Halloran & Michael Garrett Steele)
On the Beach at Night Alone (feat. Peter Spencer)
France, The 18th Year of these States. (feat. Sarah LeMieux)

Walt Whitman Songbook – A Song of the Rolling Earth
by Craig Pallett

Composed by Craig Pallett
Text by Walt Whitman
Copyright 2020 Affinity Systems (BMI)
Based on the 2019 Songbook of the same title available on Amazon.

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered – Craig Pallett

Vocals – Tiffany Pfeiffer, Philip W. Riegle, Kei Slaughter, Stephanie Meyers, Dawn Clement, Mario Inchausti, Jo-Hannah Reynolds, Marjorie Halloran, Michael Garrett Steele, Peter Spencer and Sarah LeMieux

All Programming, Orchestrations, Arrangements, Digital Manipulation – Craig Pallett
Percussion Arrangements and performances by David Crigger, Jessica Collado and Craig Pallett
Additional performance by Steve Bartek and Leon Gaer on ‘I Swear’


Affinity Release: Meditations for Violin

New album featuring Mary Rowell on Violin and Craig Pallett – Keyboards/Composer

Two Vermonters struggle to express the clear reality of the world we now appear to be living in. Sounds like a plot that can only thicken but I am not going to try. One of the worlds great violinist, stopped by the studio in October 2019 one day, and she recorded these four compositions I created for her. Just her violin and my Mac. Enjoy.

Available on all streaming services.

Visit for videos and other media


Published 2nd Edition of Another Bad Dog Book by Joni B. Cole

We recently published the 2nd edition of Another Bad Dog Book by Joni B. Cole. Now available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Formats.



Kindle Formatting – Adam and the Kabbalistic Trees

Recently completed Kindle formatting for this book written by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. Now available on Amazon.



New Site for the Vermont Granite Museum

We recently updated the design and functionality of the Vermont Granite Museum web site, including an online storefront.











Info Video for Shackleton Thomas and GMEDC

We created an info video for GMEDC and Shackleton Thomas, which discusses the amount of support received by Shackleton Thomas from GMEDC after the damage caused by hurricane Irene.


GMEDC and ShackletonThomas from Affinity Systems on Vimeo.



Green Mountain Economic Development – New Website

Affinity has updated the Green Mountain Economic Development Corporation web site with a new look.





New Video Production for Vermont Law School

Affinity Systems, Inc. has just completed providing original music, audio engineering and post production work for a new Vermont Law School industrial video.

Working with Vermont Law School’s communications department, Affinity has completed a new industrial video for a new campaign. Directed by Chris Demers, the video was publicly released at the Vermont State House on Jan 26th 2012.

Director: Chris Demers
Composition, editing, audio/video post production: Craig Pallett
Narrator: Jared Butler