New Video Production for Vermont Law School

Affinity Systems, Inc. has just completed providing original music, audio engineering and post production work for a new Vermont Law School industrial video.

Working with Vermont Law School’s communications department, Affinity has completed a new industrial video for a new campaign. Directed by Chris Demers, the video was publically released at the Vermont State House on Jan 26th 2012.

Director: Chris Demers
Original Soundscape, editing, audio/video post production: Craig Pallett
Narrator: Jared Butler



Affinity Systems Launches new Video Subscription site.

Affinity Systems Inc. in partnership with the Kabbalah Society International, has launched the Kabbalah Society Videos Subscription site.
This new site is used to allow the broadcast of Kabbalah Society Videos to subscribers. It utilizes a WordPress site with both a public presentation, ability to subscribe to the site via a PayPal interface, and a subscriber presentation layer. The videos are being securely stored on a BrightCove Cloud Server and presented to subscribers via computer, smartphones and tablet devices.

Kabbalah Society VideosThe content consists of instructional videos of lectures and talks by author Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. These lectures constitute the core teachings of the Kabbalah Society. Currently the full 2010 Kabbalistic Summer School course is being edited and uploaded. This video material is being produced by Affinity Systems, Inc and Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi.

Affinity Launches new Little River Hotglass 3.0 site

Affinity Systems, Inc. launched a new updated site for Little River Hotglass Studio and Gallery of Stowe Vermont on November 23 2011. 

Update included a new WordPress content site and integration with a existing MIVA eCommerce store. Facebook and other integration was added, and 4 new client videos were created.

New MIVA modules were added and now provide addition update capabilities for the client.

A new You Tube channel was created, and 4 new videos were created for content distribution, utilizing new video material, and current client content.

New site now provides and is designed for client updates and posting blog and news content as needed.  Integration with a Constant Contact email system, and new Miva Coupon and sale modules for client publication.

You can support this artist by visiting his site

New Videos

Affinity Launches New Applied Futures Site

Affinity Systems recently completed and launched a new site for Applied Futures Inc, a Virgina based  Department of Defense Consulting Firm .

About Applied Futures

Applied Futures Ltd. was founded in 1988 as the result of a management buy-out from a larger consultancy company in the UK. We worked in the UK and Europe, mostly for commercial clients, until 1992. At that time, Christine MacNulty, the CEO, was asked to speak at a conference on Strategic Planning at the National War College in Washington DC., where she presented both her approach to strategic planning, and the social models Applied Futures Ltd. had developed to understand the changes that were taking place in societies in the Western World. Following that conference, Applied Futures was asked to undertake consultancy for the Department of Defense here in the US. In 1992, we incorporated Applied Futures, Inc. in Virginia, in order better to serve our DOD clients, and in 1993, we moved the company here permanently.

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